Flowers WA is your place for Perth’s largest
Wholesale Flower Market – Farm Direct.

Starting initially as an online reference, for Wholesale Market Flowers with details of the most commonly requested flower and foliage varieties, our vision is to develop Flowers WA into an online marketplace: connecting buyers with reputable sellers, and providing access to information about blooms and buds from down the road and around the world.

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The new online directory for wholesale
fresh cut flowers and foliage in Perth

The variety of fresh cut flowers available to Perth florists, event coordinators and wedding planners is extensive and growing all the time.

More difficult to access, is reliable information about seasonal availability, flower varieties and alternatives, to help make it easier to plan and manage client expectations.

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Flowers WA is Perth’s largest market for fresh cut flowers.

Flowers WA source high-quality, fresh flowers and foliage direct from Australia’s finest growers and specialty flower farms around the globe.  Flowers are transported to the market in Leederville in specialised flower containers to ensure the optimum freshness and longevity of your flowers.

Flowers WA’s international network of growers means they select from a huge range of flowers not seen at other wholesalers and offer you year-round supply.


Why Flowers WA?

Connect with the friendly experts at Flowers WA wholesale fresh cut flower market.

The team at Flowers WA in Leederville spend time each day providing information to flower lovers about seasonal availability, colour options and possible alternatives.

In a more convenient, accessible and helpful way, the answers to these questions will soon be available as an online resource for wholesale flower buyers around WA.

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